What is MetroConsult?

MetroConsult is a complimentary one-of-a-kind service. MetroConsult gives Architects, Designers, Specifiers and Building Owners access to our comprehensive bank of knowledge and collective years of experience in the industry. Our team of industry experts work along with your design team to tailor solutions for any application.

Why do I need MetroConsult?

Glass Office Fronts is a complex industry that is changing rapidly. Constantly developing client requirements and countless players clambering for a place in the market has developed into an often-confusing array of options. Code compliance, site restrictions, door functions, glass types, hardware selections, product lead times, installation sequencing, product integration, and product finishes are among the factors to be considered in any glass front project.

How Does It Work?

The process is simple. You tell us about a project and send us the plans (and/or any pertinent information) and we’ll delve into the details surrounding the glass office fronts. After an initial internal review, we will arrange a meeting with you (Online Meeting, Phone Call, or Face-to-Face) to discuss specifics about the project in order to gain an understanding of the design intent and client needs. We may suggest additional things to consider, things you will need to include, available product options, possible value engineering solutions, and more. Depending on the complexity of the project, this may be followed up with another meeting or further communication via phone or email.

If I want To Meet Face-To-Face, Where Will We Meet?

We are local and therefore available to meet at your office. If you would prefer to meet at another location, we can arrange to meet at one of our showrooms or our space at 1441 Broadway. Transportation to one of those locations is available to select accounts. Contact us for more details.

How Much Does a MetroConsult Session Cost?

Absolutely Nothing! It’s Free! At MetroWall, we pride ourselves in superior customer service. MetroConsult is another way that we can offer our clients industry-leading customer service.