DG Series

High Acoustic Performer

Why DG Series

Why DG Series

Our double glazed system excels in applications that require increased sound privacy and boasts numerous design options.

DG Series can accommodate any configuration of double glazing, single glazing, solid panels and open spaces.

Featuring lab-tested acoustic performance, the DG series is the perfect choice when privacy is paramount. With a vast array of aesthetic options (including custom powdercoating and other speciality finishes), the highly customizable design can accommodate vertical or horizontal mullions as well as a vast array of glass joint options.

With a three-week standard lead time, the DG series could transform your space in no time.

Large Building with DG Series Glass Walls
DG Series Patterned Glass Wall Partitions
DG Series Glass Walls New York
Spotted Glass Office Walls
Oustide main boardroom 111 Broadway Ground
main boardroom 111 Broadway Ground

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