Mona Kumar Joins MetroWall as an NYC Business Development Manager

Mona Kumar joined the MetroWall team at the start of the new year. She has 20+ years of experience in design and real estate, and more specifically she brings a decade of A&D industry experience to our team. As the daughter of an architect and someone who is creative at heart, Mona considers it an honor Mona Kumar leaning on glass panel. to work with such an innovative and creative community.  

 What excites you most about working in the design and build industry? 

Client engagement! I have a passion for architecture, interior design, and real estate, so being involved in the design process is something I thoroughly enjoy. Also, I want to be a resource to my clients and help them find a solution.  

 What is your goal when working with clients? 

Offering options that are going to meet specific project needs. I also work hard to build a solid relationship with the stakeholders I’m working with so that they feel comfortable communicating their needs and feel they can rely on me. It goes back to wanting to be a resource. 

What excited you about working with the MetroWall team? 

I’m thrilled to work at a company that provides domestically manufactured products and is a front-to-back solution for our clients.

If you have a project that calls for premium glass wall interiors in New York City, contact us or download our brochure to learn more about MetroWall and how our proprietary, integrated process can make a difference on your next project. 

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