Meet MetroWall’s New Jersey & Pennsylvania Business Development Manager

Jim Cunningham is MetroWall's New Jersey Business Development Representative.


Jim Cunningham has joined the MetroWall team as a business development manager for New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He’s a Northeasterner who has done his fair share of traveling, living everywhere from Florida to Arizona to Virginia—and of course most of the Northeast corridor. When he isn’t busy being a dad of 2, he enjoys being active and learning.

His natural curiosity drives him to not only learn but also find solutions to pressing challenges and understand the intricacies of a project. We sat down with Jim to learn more about his approach to nurturing relationships and working with the design and build community given his previous experience in the construction and manufacturing industry. 

What excites you most about working in the design and build industry? 

The industry is like an onion within two more onions. Projects are incredibly complex and require dozens of individuals to collaborate within tight deadlines and even tighter budgets. Information is needed yesterday and there are always problems and setbacks that arise. I love being a resource to help drive projects and to ensure a more predictable outcome, and with their proprietary process, it’s clear MetroWall does too!  

What is your goal when working with clients? 

Solving problems. My goal is to sit down, listen, and understand the stresses that AEC professionals face, and how I can be a resource for them. Ultimately, I want to be the easiest consultant they deal with on current and future projects. 

What excites you about working with the MetroWall team? 

I have not worked at an organization that prioritizes the team and coming together to win like Metrowall does. I am thrilled to represent the company and look forward to contributing in meaningful ways with my skillset. 

If you have a project that calls for premium glass wall interiors in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania regions, contact us or download our brochure to learn more about MetroWall and how our proprietary, integrated process can make a difference on your next project. 

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