4 Great Reasons to Choose Glass Office Partitions

As workplaces – and workforces – evolve, so do our views on the ‘ideal’ office layout for optimal practicality and productivity. Ultimately, the only true solution is an outcome that allows flexibility for the future – a solution like glass partitioning in fact!

But if you’re still unconvinced, here are four fantastic reasons to take the plunge with partitions:

4 Reasons to Choose Glass Office Partitions

Impress staff and clients

Just like any store or restaurant, organizations rely on appearances to make an impact. If you want to attract quality staff and impress clients, you need a space that screams forward-looking, efficient and welcoming. 

Glass is also 100% recyclable, and with organisational values becoming an increasing drawcard for both employees and customers, a demonstrable commitment to sustainability is not only important, it’s expected.

Space that helps you do business differently

While how we physically work is changing, our human and business needs remain broadly similar – which means we need an environment that allows for confidential discussion, as well as fostering collaboration. Fortunately, both outcomes are possible when you use glass partitioning to create functional, flowing spaces. 

The workforce of the future understands that human performance is about much more than ‘carrot and stick’, it’s about understanding where work fits in the bigger picture of our lives, the importance of workplace relationships, and the human needs that have to be met for peak performance. They also know that the built environment – and flexibility of its form and function – is critical to our wellbeing.

Think about how you feel in a darkened airless room, versus how you feel when you stand in an expansive sunlit space. We know the realities, but somehow workplaces have failed to keep pace with our growing understanding of what makes humanity ‘tick’. 

Custom designed layouts

The beauty of partitioning is that it’s created to your specifications and can adapt to your needs. Which means if you need particular spaces now, and a redesigned layout in the future, you’re talking adaptation rather than renovation. 

Our ranges, for example, allows us to create hundreds of configurations – whatever your vision, we can deliver.  From minimalist and budget-driven designs to high-end, our customizable modules allow us to meet the needs of every conceivable office space. Whatever the size, shape, style and budget, we can create an environment that meets all your needs. And, being easily demountable, they’re a much more cost-effective solution over the long-term. 

Better for staff wellbeing

Close off areas to create office space and you’re back to that gloomy airless room or – not much more inspiring – a fluorescent lit, airless room. Glass partitions provide all the benefits of a ‘wall’ while allowing natural light to flow freely through your office space.

And people are like plants – we thrive on a bit of sunshine and need Vitamin D to fend off stress and anxiety. Just ask the International Well Building Institute, who found that workers’ productivity declines if they’re located more than 7.5 meters from a window.

In the same way, we don’t tend to like being locked away from other people – we’re social beasts, in the main. Connection with our colleagues is key to creativity, collaboration and productivity – just being able to see each other through an open space makes the world of difference.

And where glass really comes into its own, is its ability to allow you to see, without allowing every word to be heard. The perfect blend of transparency without endless distraction or compromising on confidentiality needs.


Considering an Office Redesign?

So, if you are toying with the idea of an office redesign, there’s one ‘clear’ choice – glass partitions. And when it comes to those, Metro Wall is the field-leader offering 3 premium products – Vetro, LP Series and DG Series

We’re experts in customer satisfaction, managing the process from design to install in super-quick time. Ready to find out what Metro Wall can do for you? 

Get in touch today via the button below.


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