The Impact of Glass Partitions in Office Interior Design

As we increasingly measure companies by their culture, workplace design has never been more important. 

And with the average size of offices having shrunk by 30% over the last decade plus, to 175 sq ft per employee, the onus is on architects to come up with clever designs that maximise space, light and customer impact, without compromising on privacy or staff wellbeing.  

No pressure!

Reimagining glass partitions

While glass has become a staple of corporate design, its ability to be reimagined and repurposed ensures that its appeal is never diminished. That design flexibility isn’t just in relation to layouts, but to the broader aesthetic.

If you want your furniture and décor to take center stage, glass partitions can fade gracefully into the background, but if you want your glass to be the main event, it can achieve that too! Endless permutations – limited only by your imagination.

Delivering the ultimate versatility for architects, glass partitions offer the freedom to design completely new spaces. And, because they’re made to measure, literally anything is possible!

Frameless glass partitions

The frameless glass option provides a minimalist feel, and is often favored by architects in pursuit of a clean, modern aesthetic. The panes are attached to the floor and ceiling with unobtrusive fixings, so your eye is drawn to what’s inside rather than to the partitions themselves.

But that doesn’t mean it has to be simplicity all the way. Frameless partitions are compatible with swing and pivot doors, as well as sliding doors, and can be customized in a range of ways.


Whether you’re all about simplicity, or keen to add some stand-out touches to your design, hardware lends itself to either. And that even extends to the practical, with the ability to integrate security systems, card access and more.

But beyond that, whether you want door handles colored, leather-wrapped or custom designed, it’s entirely up to you. 

Glass types

Now this is where it really gets exciting – there truly is no limit to what you can achieve. We’re not just talking transparent or frosted, we’re talking about back painted, acid etched, mirrored, textured, one-way, markerboard suitable or Houdini glass and more. Decorate them with letters, foils, textiles, photoprint – whatever you fancy.

Glass is an incredible blank canvas upon which designers and architects can really put their stamp. Check out glass solutions for architectural design for more inspiration.

We’re the glass partition experts

Working with the finest architects and contractors, we’re always on-hand to share our glass expertise. From chic minimalism to unforgettable design statements – we’ve done it all. It’s our job to take your grand vision and translate into the fully functional space your clients have been dreaming of. 

Our expert team will work with you to design the perfect layout, then manufacture it to order, deliver and install – one team and one seamless process. 

If you need exceptional glass partitions for your next corporate project, talk to the MetroWall team – bespoke products and New York’s best customer service.

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