Architects & Designers: Let’s Expect More From 2023

It’s been a challenging few months, but 2023 is here and it’s FULL of opportunity for architecture and design professionals like you.

That’s why we asked our Sales VP Joe Hoekzema, an expert in making exceptional interior space happen in collaboration with awesome architects and designers, for his valuable trends we can all leverage this year.

Read on to discover Joe’s five ways we can all expect more from 2023…

Making a Difference This Year

Joe’s view, based on nearly 25 years of professional experience, is that there are five ways our valued architecture and design clients can stand out in 2023.

He summarises them as ‘think non-residential, think big ideas, think new ideas, think green and always think supply chain!’.

“I have learned that there are numerous external factors that can shape a company’s trajectory. Having a vision and understanding future trends is just as important as delivering in the today and now. As we enter a new year, there are five trends that I believe will shape outcomes for the A&D, construction, and manufacturing industries,” he explained.

  • Think non-residential: “As a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), MetroWall has access to extensive industry data. Many believe AIA’s Billing Index (ABI) is a strong predictor of constructing spending and it is currently indicating future growth in Commercial Real Estate investment.
    “In fact, the AIA Consensus Forecast Panel is projecting a 6.0 percent increase in spending on non-residential commercial buildings in 2023. There will be opportunities in 2023 and you need to be in a strong position to capture them.”
  • Think bold: “An inviting environment and culture of community are driving factors in the design of new office spaces. Those in the A&D community have expressed that spaces should be designed with workers’ needs top of mind.
    “Having worked extensively at home during the pandemic, many highly value the comforts of that environment and will only be motivated to return to the office by a reimagined workspace. We have all walked into that office where you were immediately inspired by the environment. Those with the ability to bring bold ideas to life and meet the needs of their customers will win!”
  • Think new ideas: “Innovation will continue to impact the workspace in 2023. Connectivity upgrades to 5G, voice recognition technology, 3D printing, and VR tools integrated into design and training will continue to influence how we work.
    “We are also entering what some are calling “The Glass Age” as glass enabled technology and design boundaries are being pushed. With a greater need for sustainability and energy efficiency, the possibilities and need for glass structures in our internal environments will continue to grow.”
  • Think green: “There’s been dramatic growth in the overall percent of construction spending focused on green building projects. The construction industry is making great strides to reduce their impact on the environment by reducing material waste, focusing on environmentally friendly products, and initiating practices that take the environment into consideration.
    “By 2025, it is expected that sixty percent of all new buildings could be labeled zero carbon emissions. With approximately thirty five percent of the energy used to heat and cool wasted, solutions for energy efficiency will be at the forefront of design and product development.
  • Think supply chain: “We’ve all seen a lot of focus on reducing weaknesses within the supply chain to improve the bottom line, including better forecasting, improved management of materials, and automation of processes to eliminate wasted time.
    “Supply chain managers that do these things effectively will create a competitive advantage. This is especially true for those companies that manage the entire process of design, manufacturing, and installation. The time and money savings will get passed along to customers in greater product value and shorter lead times,” he concluded.


As always, to discover stress-free, design-to-launch glass partition expertise, book your consultation with a MetroWall specialist

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