Elevating Workplace Experiences with Natural Light

Study after study demonstrates the importance and benefits of natural light in the workplace. Maximizing natural light can dramatically impact not only a person’s energy and wellbeing, but also their productivity. The problem? There is legacy of office spaces with limited natural light!

Back in the sixties, natural light was believed unnecessary for employee health. It was also believed windows would be distracting, create higher energy bills, and even cause eye strain and headaches. As a result, a wave of windowless construction and decades-long reign of fluorescent lighting occured that had some part to play in the ‘sick building syndrome’ throughout the eighties.

Today, however, we know differently. Being exposed to low levels of natural light  is associated with poor sleep, low mood, and depression. In fact, maximizing natural light is vital to health and wellbeing. And this is critical because many of us spend 90% of our day indoors.

A survey of 1,600 office workers across North America found that the No.1 thing employees wanted wasn’t fancy perks, they just want consistent access to natural light. And a view would be good too! 

A collaborative study by the Interdepartmental Neuroscience program at Northwestern University in Chicago showed that employees with windows in the workplace slept an average of 46 minutes more per night than those without. Exposure to natural light enhances your body’s Vitamin D repository, promoting growth and bone development, fortifying your immune system, and supporting prevention of everything from cancer to heart disease. Plus, natural light can counteract the negative effects of sleep-disrupting blue light.

This is all to say: If we’re going to be ready to tackle challenges in the office and live healthier lives with sustainable habits, getting enough natural light is a must! 

To create healthy, sustainable environments that optimize every person’s potential and impact positively on their mental and physical health, we’ve seen more and more architects and designers looking for ways to bring in natural light into a workspace.

Our glass wall interiors are not only modern and bold in appearance, but they offer many advantages for architects and designers prioritizing natural light in their projects, such as providing a more open, collaborative environment that can help boost creativity and a positive atmosphere. Maximizing the amount of natural light flowing into a room creates a bright and airy space. Adding glass wall interiors to an office is a popular decision that offers an excellent solution for both clients and their employees.

Explore our different glass wall systems in our gallery or download our latest brochure to learn more about how our proprietary, integrated process can make a difference on your project.

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