Glass Wall Partitions: The Safe Solution for Post-Covid Offices

As Covid-19 restrictions begin to ease, ensuring the health and wellbeing of office staff returning to work has never been more important. Limiting the spread of infection is a key public health requirement, so the importance of designing office space with safety and employee well-being in mind is more recognized than ever before.

There’s no doubt about it: the appetite for secure, collaborative working environments is growing. Here at MetroWall, we’re experts in designing bespoke glass partitioning and we work with clients to redevelop workspaces to find safe solutions tailored to your environment.

We’re passionate about bringing people together safely and here’s how we do it:

Glass Office Wall Systems

The benefits of glass are clear: it’s a sustainable material that lends fluidity to indoor spaces and allows for the transfer of natural light. Whilst promoting a more open and transparent environment, glass partitions reduce the spread of infection and generate smaller areas that can be more easily cleaned and contained.

We have three series which all provide an extensive range of design possibilities for our clients:

Vetro Series: 

This versatile glass wall partition system provides endless options for offices of all shapes and sizes. In fact, hundreds of possible configurations mean that almost any desired result can be achieved.

Vetro designs can handle robust levelling tolerances and are super simple to integrate. This adaptable system can accommodate room schedulers, electric strikes, maglocks and much more. Metro Wall specialists will work with your fit-out plans and visions to redesign a secure space for your staff. 

DG Series: 

If you’re looking for enhanced privacy, then double glazed glass wall systems are the perfect solution. This functional system not only creates transparent safety barriers but also is designed to meet the sound and privacy requirements of the client.

Our DG Series accommodates single glazing and solid panels too – so you aren’t restricted to one type of panel. 

LP Series: 

This is a real minimalist solution that lends style and fluidity to office spaces. With a ¾” bottom profile, the LP series aluminium profiles offer unrivalled transparency and aesthetics.

Compatible with room schedulers, electric strikes, maglocks and most manufacturers hardware… the options are limitless. This innovative all-glass wall partition system accommodates ⅜” or ½” glass and a wide range of configurations.

For infection control that doesn’t compromise on design flair – our LP series is the right choice. 

Why Should You Choose Metro Wall?

We’re industry experts with more than 14 years of experience in intelligent office design. From the design phase, right through to installation and beyond, we’re here to guarantee successful results that stand the test of time. 

We’re quick too. Our 3-week lead time is something that we’re super proud of and we never compromise on quality.

We work with your design team to tailor solutions for any space, no matter the specs. Designing, drawing, measuring and installing – we’ll take responsibility to make sure the results are exceptional. 

If you have any questions, we want to hear them. Contact us & we’ll find the right solution for you.

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